Ridgeway, SC

Last week I ventured out to a little town called Ridgeway, SC .

I was doing a little recon for a future visit to a place called Laura’s Tearoom.  A client told me about it. They have High tea service, and it’s supposed to be really fun, yummy, and educational.  I have always wanted to have a high tea experience, and this is the place to get it in SC.  They let you wear a fun hat, have a cup warming ceremony, and I hear the food is delicious!

It’s a little far, and I wanted to know where I was going before heading out, but I also  wanted to take some pictures of the place, and the teacups, so that I am not distracted the whole time by things I really want to shoot! hehe  Plus, I am going with a client-friend of mine, and I don’t want her to have to wait for me to get all the pictures I want to get.

I know there will still be more to get, but I am so glad I went!  I got some cool pics of the Main Street. (literally about 8-10 buildings is the WHOLE town!)

ridgeway coll

I love the red pops on the main street.  I haven’t seen a phone booth in quite some time!

Look how cute the little Old Police Station is!! Apparently not much room for criminals!  The “new” Police station is right next door, and really not much wider or bigger! I love it!

ridgeway police coll copy

It was raining, so I pretty much had the whole place to myself.  I went into the tearoom for lunch and photos (shhh! don’t tell my friend!), and the rain had stopped enough for some good shots of the town. 🙂

Our reservation is for after I get back from California.  I’m hesitant to post pics from inside until after that, so I can tell the story….

oh OK..

Here’ s a just a couple from inside..

cherub cup web

hat line web

me mirror web

tearoom shelves web

smiley cup web

I love how this cup looks like it has a smiley face! 🙂

tiered dish web

That’s all you get for now. 🙂

I’m off to California in just over a week!  I’m so excited to see my friends and family!


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