Winter garden

I’m back!  I have a couple of posts today.  A couple of stories to tell….

So, over the Holidays I mentioned I had taken an antibiotic that really did a number on my insides. 😦  I was not doing well, and ironically enough, had to get another antibiotic to fix the problem.  I had done so well for over a year. Medication free! No colitis symptoms at all, and one course threw it all out the window.  I got to the GI, and he got me on the right path.

I was really worried I wouldn’t be well enough to get on a plane and not be in the loo the whole time! But I’m happy to say I’m feeling SO much better, and have over a week to keep getting stronger!  I’m going to try REALLY hard to avoid antibiotics from now on. I’ve also been doing my best to be gluten free, to see if that makes a difference in how I feel.  I have gone three days, and while I think I feel better, I still have some pain, so I don’t know.  I haven’t been officially tested, so I have to go with how I feel.  Are any of you gluten-free?  Do you feel it makes a big difference?  I have a couple of clients/friends who are, and they rave about how much better they feel.  I’m hoping it helps. I’d love some gluten free recipes if you have some! 🙂

Anyway, I say all of this because now that I’m feeling better, I got out with my camera FINALLY, and decided to go to the Botanical Gardens to be in nature and get some flower shots.

Boy, was I disappointed!

For over a year now, they have been cutting back, removing plants, and I guess redesigning.  But I can’t believe how little is actually planted there.  Nothing has been replaced!  I understand you have to cut back, I understand some things need to be removed, but plant something in it’s place that isn’t going to take YEARS to grow or flower! They took out my favorite redbud tree, and put a sapling in. They cut back all the roses, and just left the area bare. They took out a bunch of plants that would still have blooms in Winter.  Even the camellias that bloom all Winter are down to about 3 bushes.

They have these weird hanging grass balls, and pretty much pansies and kale are what’s left. I haven’t renewed my membership in over a year, and I don’t imagine I will this year again.  I’m so sad, because I used to be able to spend HOURS there and take hundreds of pictures!  Now I feel like I have no where locally to go and find pretty flowers.

OK, rant over.  I was just so excited to finally get out, walk, see nature, and take some new pictures, only to be disappointed.  Here are my few decent shots.

helle good 1 web

helle good 2 web

jasmine 1

plentiful purple pansies web

watercolor pansies web

painted paperbush web

I did get a couple of pretties. 🙂 I enjoyed playing with textures in photoshop again too.

I am putting together some photos from a quick trip I took to a little town called Ridgeway, SC.  That’s coming up next.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.  I’m watching the inauguration, and remembering the great Martin Luther King and all he did for Americans.

God Bless us all!


3 thoughts on “Winter garden

  1. These photos are wonderful Kelly 🙂 I love how you used the textures on the two last ones. And the pansies, the third from last, is an amazing photo. A very beautiful series. I’m glad you’re feeling better 🙂

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