Catch up, High Tea and Ridgeway

OK, moving on…

Remember when I went to Ridgeway, to recon the Tearoom? Well, shortly after getting back from California, my friend and I went for our reservation for High Tea!

(Now, I should mention, that after the last trip, I shared some of my teacup photos with the owner of the tearoom, and she loved them so much, she asked me to have some cards made for her to sell there at the Tearoom! I had some made, and got them just in time to take with us. :))

It just so happened to be the one day it snowed here in SC this year! HA! Of course.  Luckily, it was too warm to stick, but still made for some pretty to see out the windows, without making the drive all treacherous.

Janet and I picked out our hats and cups, and got ready for a really fun experience!

The food was amazing. Three courses. All made fresh on the premises by the family that runs it.

Starter: Scones with Fresh Devonshire cream and jam. (just assume I’m saying yum after each thing!) Strawberry soup. (yogurt smoothie tasting)

Next, Broccoli Cheese Quiche and vegetable tomato soup! YUM! (don’t know why I didn’t get pics of these )

Then, three tiered dish with finger sandwiches, chocolate dipped fruit, cheese and banana bread, and the cutest, tastiest desserts! Mini cupcake, fudge, and chocolate mousse tart with a raspberry!

Two hot teas, and an iced tea! So perfect in every way. Sated, but not stuffed. We even took some home with us!

tearoom board 2

tearoom blog board copy

It really was very fun. I loved it all!

The owner loved and bought all of the cards I brought her. 🙂  By the time we got done, she had them displayed and for sale! 🙂  Pretty cool!

teacup cards

me teaCheers!

OK, so THEN…

Two days later, I got an email from the MAYOR of Ridgeway!  She had been in to the tearoom, and saw the cards I did, talked to the owner, who gave her my blog address, and she loved the photos I took of the town so much, she wanted to buy prints! Long story short, I went out to meet her and take photos of the town landmarks to make collages for her to use in her presentations of the city! How cool is that?!  It was a really cool experience, and the photos will stay in the town museum when she’s not using them! 🙂 Pretty nice.

Tea room board web

Ridgeway landmarks board webNot exactly the finished products, but some highlights. 🙂


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