Charleston 5/13

I have been in this crazy cool, inspired, creative vortex, where all these ideas just came flooding in to me!

I have been getting visions of all these cool things I want to shoot with my new camera. Oh wait! did I tell you I got a new camera? No!

ok, quickly.. I was talking to a client about my photography (which she is a supporter of), and  how I needed a new camera, but was out of the budget. She ended up pre paying her next 4 appointments so I could get a new camera! How cool is that?!?!  I love my clients! ♥  I just stepped up a rung.  Not too crazy, but MAN! what a big difference! I got the Canon 60D.

Of course right after I got it, it started raining for days. :/

But now I’m really putting it through it’s paces. Back to the inspiration…. I really wanted to go to Charleston before the heat set in and school got out.  There was one Tues I had no clients and it was going to be the last cool day of the Spring, so I drove 2 hours to walk around for 2 hours, then drive back! 🙂 But I like that kind of thing.

I got some more window box shots, and a friend asked me to get her some shots of the Pineapple Fountain at Waterfront Park.  I wanted to also get some French macarons from the French bakery there. We don’t have one here in town.

I picked some up and had a super fun teacup (many borrowed from clients) macarons shoot!

Here are some from Charleston:

charleston smapler 1 charleston smapler 2 copy


and here are the teacup/macarons:

teacup sampler


Many of these will be or already are for sale in my etsy shop.

Oh those macarons are so yummy and pretty! I may need more. 😉


Anyway,  lots more to show, but much of it still needs to be edited. I will make new posts for them.

Off to watch some Playoff  Hockey! Go Kings! 🙂


Hope you’re all well. Happy Summer!





One thought on “Charleston 5/13

  1. Beautiful Kel….I love your story of abundance….I love all the flower pics….you are getting soooo good! The macaroons and teacups are really awesome!! xo Jan

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