July 2013

Pretty Butterflies

July 2013

butterfly threeHello all,

I’m back. 🙂  With a few little stories to tell.

First of all, thank you to all who checked out my “Christmas in July” sale over at etsy. It was nice to have a few sales and clear some inventory.

I have some new images, as you can see above, of some pretty butterflies.  I ordered them already dried and spread, and after I’m done taking their photos, I plan to frame them.

I have prints, and a couple of mirrors, with more to come.

I’m also busy creating photo pendants that I plan to have for sale in my shop soon! I’m just working on the photos, and waiting for the bags they will come in.

Here is a preview. 🙂

nymph pen v

I hope the necklaces are popular, it’s been quite the trial and error with different mediums, but I found a really nice resin to work with, and I think they look great.

A pretty cool thing happened this month. I signed my first licensing agreement with a company in the UK that puts art into home stores there. They licensed 2 images for 6 months next year! (They will make canvases and prints of my pictures to sell.)  Pretty exciting! I am actually in talks for 3 more photos right now, and I hope those get licensed too!

These are the two.

 vintage book set white

It’s been a pretty mild Summer here so far. We’ve had tons of rain, as many of you have.  Tho I haven’t minded it, because it’s keeping the 100* temperatures at bay!

I’ve been busy getting all my ideas together, and bringing them to fruition.

It’s time to start thinking about making calendars, and I’m wondering what images I should use.  Feel free to let me know what you’d like to see.

I’ll be back sooner than later.  I’d like to tell about the more mundane stuff, house and yard stuff, eating gluten free stuff, and cool tv stuff! I just don’t want this to be an even longer post.

I was offered a chance to use iCloud’s iWork, and I really like these pages! It’s great that I can use Apple/Mac products on a pc!!

Back soon!




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