Mug Swap 2013- part 2

I wanted to come back and follow up with my #MugSwap2013 story!

It was really fun! Like secret Santa, or getting a new pen pal.  I was emailed my persons name, and all of her online info so I could stalk her just a little! 🙂  Kim (who started this whole thing) has us answer some questions about things we like, so I could get a little insight.

I went to about 4 different stores looking for just the right one, and I finally found it! At TJ Maxx of all places!

Here is what I sent her. (and of course, seeing as it was my first year, I had NO idea how much people get into it and give TONS of stuff besides the mug! but I know for next year)

Cute mug, 3 of my favorite teabags (Red Tea’s Cinnamon Orange!), some Vienna creme filled wafers, one of my teacup postcards, and a photo notecard.  

Then I waited patiently for Lisa to get it, and figured I would find out through Instagram when she got it, and I did! 🙂  She loved it! I was so happy!

Here is her post:

I just received the cutest package! From my #mugswap2013 girl @flair4hair – thank you so much Kelly, I ♥ it all! 

Then I waited patiently some more to receive MY mug in the swap! You don’t get a mug from the person you sent one to, it’s from someone else.

Now during this waiting period, I told my co workers about it, and they thought it sounded fun too.  I was showing them on instagram what others were posting and we started seeing some that just wouldn’t be my taste. They started teasing me that I would get one of those! oh God! please no! hahaha

Just two days later my cutest box arrived!!!   The sticker even said cuteness was inside!  I was SO excited!  I got the Cutest mug! I mean, if I couldn’t get the mug I picked for my girl, THIS would be the one I’d pick! 🙂  I put some of the pics together to make it easier, but here’s that I got!

How stinkin’ cute is that?!?! Boy did I luck out! I got earrings, a Starbucks card, washi tape, twine, and a cute little button form Thuy’s shop #MyPaperPinwheel!

This was seriously so much fun!  I highly recommend everyone join up next year!

Thanks to Kim at ACuppaKim  for putting so much fun together! I’m sure it’s a big task, but totally worth it! And Thank you to Thuy at MyPaperPinwheel ! Check out her awesome crafting blog!

Until next year! Cheers!



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