Autumn Time

Hello all!

I thought for sure I would have been back before now, but best laid plans….

I have so much to catch up with, and I apologize in advance if it gets lengthy.

September flew in, and my Mom had her 70th birthday! Happy Birthday to Mom!

The following weekend, was my big photography workshop weekend here in South Carolina with Amanda Padgett, Jill Jarvis, and Beckie Kengle. I participated last year as well, but this year I knew more what to expect, and it was really fun.  The unfortunate part is that I go a stupid cold the weekend before, and I totally thought it would have been gone in 7 days, but NOoooo. Stupid cold.

Briefly, this workshop is 2 full days of photography learning. We met for a meet and greet Friday night, and then we went out for a “Lovelight” session. It’s a couples or engagement session at night on the street using available overhead light sources.  The photos looks great in b&w, but there are no rules.

love light couple 1 web

lovelight couple 2

Saturday is all about shooting, learning your camera, metering light, lighting, flash, setting up and taking photos, even business and branding tips. In the evening, we had some models and we took some fun sunset pics. Prime collage 1

On Sunday it’s all about editing your photos. Using Lightroom, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to make our photos look their best.  Even though I am teaching a class both days, I am still learning so much myself, and it really just feeds my creativity when I’m with all the other great ladies in our element!

The following week, I was slammed at the salon! So busy it was great! but I really had no time to edit my photos from the workshop. Ahh! Also, that week Chris was sick, and seems that whatever intestinal bug HE had, I got at the end of my cold! 😦  I was sick for literally 4 weeks! No fun.

I am finally feeling better, and just in time for the SC Fair, and all this great Fall weather.

Last weekend we went to Beaufort for Chris’ Mom’s 70th Birthday! yep! both our Mom’s turned 70 this year! Pretty cool! It’s so pretty there. We had a nice group for dinner at Dockside, and I got a cool shot of the shrimp boats at sunset.

I’ve also been participating in a monthly color photo challenge, and October is Orange, of course.

Here are my October shots.

October orange collage

I hope you are all doing well. Enjoying Football, Fall weather, and fun gearing up for Halloween!

All the best!



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