Lensbaby Fairtime

Hello again!

I’m back to share some of my photos from this years SC state fair.

I didn’t go more than once this year. For some reason I just wasn’t into it.  I didn’t enter a photo this year either. I don’t know if I had said before, but again, I just wasn’t into it.  I didn’t have a photo I really liked, and as the deadline neared I was even less interested in doing what it took to get it printed, matted and framed.  Maybe being under the weather played into it some, but I just had that feeling.

Boy am I glad I didn’t!

One of the first places I go when entering the fair is the fine arts building to see the photography/art.

This was one of the bad years.  I’m not sure if I ever wrote about it, but the very first year I entered a photo in the fair here, it didn’t get hung.  I was freaking out when I didn’t see it, and it never even entered my mind that I wouldn’t be hung.  Basically, there are thousands of entries. They are judged, and allowed to hang in the exhibit. The rest are held safely until the end of the fair for pick up.  That year there were quite possibly hundreds of complaints as to what got put in, what got left out, and how little was actually hung!  Chris and I were just two of those complaints.

This year was pretty bad too, and while I was assured that judge from 4 years ago would NEVER be asked back, I had a suspicious mind.  One of my friends entered 2 beautiful nature photos, and we have a pretty similar style. She did not get either of her photos hung, but I would like to show you what DID get hung this year, and the first of which won a $50 RIBBON!  <insert furious face here>

fair photo 1

fair photo 2


I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed I was/am! How are either of these considered good photography first of all, and while art is subjective, I see no artistic qualities to either of these basic snapshots! They’re TRASH! Literally! Just ridiculous. I am so glad I didn’t enter, because if I did, and I didn’t get hung, but THESE did, AND that first one won a prize?! omg.   The only reason I wanted to go back was to fill out a formal complaint.

I shook it off, and went forth into the fair armed with my camera, and my NEW lensbaby lens!

A Lensbaby Lens is a lens one uses for creative effects in their photography. It’s sort of a cool tilt-shift meets toy camera feeling, but that’s just the very tip of the iceberg! It swivels and tilts to give me selective focus and blur with the help of interchangeable aperture rings and optics.

I got the Composer Pro which comes installed with the double-glass optic.  I know it’s gibberish to some of you, but it’s a cool effects lens that I am excited to play with and see what I can get with it.  I am constantly inspired by what others have done with theirs.

The trick is that there is no auto focus. I have to focus manually, and as an already visually impared person.. well, the learning curve just got curvier.  But I ventured out during the slow time at the fair, and was able to spend a little time playing with the focus.  I like what I got, and look forward to more outings with it. 🙂

carousel det dip

horse dip

Fair midway lb web

DM toys web

carousel horse web

lb ferris wheel web


The last carousel horse is in my etsy shop.  Here are a couple more from the fair that I am also adding to my shop, but used my regular lens.

Rebel Duck web

Sweet Fair web


I love the fair. 🙂

Hope you are all well!













One thought on “Lensbaby Fairtime

  1. Hey Kelly! I’ve always loved your fair pictures, and these are no exception. I feel your frustration and totally agree with you about those photos – trash! Probably taken by one of the judges relatives, heh heh.

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