Happy New Year

Is it too late to still say that?

It’s been a month since I posted, and it feels like six!

I have been very busy. Besides the Holidays, there have been lots of changes, and when I wasn’t busy I really tried to rest on my down time.

A couple of days after my last post I got sick AGAIN! ugh! This time I had complete laryngitis. I have never had that before…ZERO voice. It lasted a couple of days, and then was froggy for a few after that.  I sounded worse than I felt, but still.. I am SO glad 2013 (the year of the sick) is over! sheesh.

Our holidays were good, we got our first Christmas tree (not real) and we loved it! 2013 Christmas tree wish web

I may have taken a NON blurry picture of it, but I used this one for a Christmas card that I never sent out! oops! I ended up only printing like 5.  I totally failed the Christmas cards in 2013. Sorry.

We went to Beaufort for Christmas and had a lovely time with Chris’ family.  I made out this year with some new work clothes, slippers, prescription sunglasses, and a photography book.  I got Chris a Kindle fire and he was happily surprised.

Earlier in December I was contacted through my etsy shop by a publishing company about making some of my images into greeting cards! I licensed 4 of my photos to be greeting cards for sale World wide! So exciting! I am expecting sample cards soon, and will post pics here. I will let you know when I know where they will be sold. 🙂 These are the four:



As New Year’s Eve approached, I had made the decision to move to a fabulous new salon in Lexington, and on New Year’s Day, I moved!  I was feeling stuck and that my current salon was not a good fit. The new salon is really a NEW salon, and there is no other like it in this area.  I am so excited to be there. I am looking forward to this new year, being reinspired, a fresh new start, and a new opportunity to get busy doing hair!

I am taking pictures of the salon, (it’s gorgeous!) and will have some to show soon. I like the logo too!

salon m logo



I’m busy refining my etsy shop, adding new photos, canvases, pillow cases and compacts. I’ve had some good sales already this month! I look forward to my best year so far!

I am ready for all the successes this year has for me.  I didn’t make a resolution, but I chose a word to focus on. I have done this in the past, and I had one come to me, so I found it easy to choose.

I will be back to share my word for 2014.

Do you make resolutions? Do you have a word? What are you looking forward to in 2014?

I am looking forward to new clients, new inspiration, new adventures, new babies and photo shoots.

Wishing you all the best!









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