Happy Spring!

Hello March!

Hello Spring! Well, more like “get the hell out Winter!”

We actually are getting signs of Spring, and that’s a good thing, but boy- we’ve been on a weather roller coaster for sure!

Sorry I didn’t show you some Valentines photos from last month, or pictures of the new salon! gee! I’ve been a slacker!

Well, not really. I’ve been BUSY! ahh! a good busy. Lots of work. Hair and Photos!

ok, here is a collage of the new salon!  It’s so pretty, and I haven’t really taken photos of the stylist rooms, because there’s always someone working!  I will go up and take some when no one’s around, but the decor is so pretty, you won’t miss not seeing more than one station. 🙂

salon m collage

And here are some of the Valentine’s photos. Getty actually picked a couple up. 🙂

Valentines 2014

I put another collage together to show what I’ve been up to….


I went to Beaufort to see Tina and Melissa for girls weekend (boat). Made over an antique chair I got in Beaufort, and am going to use it as a prop A LOT. 🙂  I did a couple of newborn and maternity shoots! So fun doing newborns! I really like it the best so far. Busy at the salon! Doing lots of hair. Growing my hair out, and actually liking it! 🙂  Loving the flowering trees as Spring rolls in!

I am looking forward to a big adventure in Washington DC! I have never been before, and can’t wait to see and take pictures of everything! I am going with my friend/client Leslie, and I am so excited! It’s my birthday present to me. Turning 50 in just a couple of weeks!! WHAT?!?! hard to believe.  I sure don’t feel 50!

I promise to blog about and post pictures after I get back!

If you’ve been to DC, I’d love you to tell me your favorite things, and places I should see, things to do, or places to eat!   We have a trolley pass, a Capital tour scheduled, plans for the Holocaust museum, and tons of walking planned, but really just want to let it EVOLVE! my word! see how I incorporated that?! 😉 haha

If you’re on Instagram, follow me at Flair4hair- you can see pics of DC first!

All the best!






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