Washington DC catch up.

Happy Mother’s Day!
For all you do, a day isn’t enough, but I wish you a wonderful, relaxing day off!

So much has happened since last I posted. I have a list on my board of things to write about, but never the time to sit and do it!

Here goes story number one.

At the end of March I went on a trip with my friend Leslie to Washington DC!

I had never been before and was very excited to see this historical place, and was so hoping for some cherry blossom photos!
Alas, Winter was crazy long this year, and cherry blossom time was about 3 weeks late.  The good thing was we got a great rate on our hotel room because so many people cancelled, the crowds were down, and I much prefer to be walking for hours in 60 degree weather rather than 80-90 degree weather.
We stayed 2 blocks from the White House! I really was shocked at how close we were.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
I loved the feeling of DC.  It’s got a big city feeling, but I didn’t feel swallowed up by it, because they have height restrictions on buildings.  You can still see the sky!  I loved the mix of old and new existing side by side. I really want to go back when all the trees are filled in and the parks are in their full glory. I’m sure it is amazingly beautiful.

We had a great time exploring. We toured the US Capital, and famous hotel lobbies. We went to the Holocaust museum, and the Lincoln Memorial. We went from Arlington National Cemetery to Georgetown and the National Cathedral. There is so much to do and see, that we could never see everything in the 4 days we had, but I think we did pretty good to hit the major highlights while also going to the botanical gardens and DC Cupcakes.

dc coll

Mayflower Chandelier tex web


(not a huge fan of Rep. Wilson, but his office gave us our tour, and the guys were cool.  I think I can safely say that the Congressman is a bit of a hoarder . ! ha!)

All the museums and  Smithsonian’s will have to wait. I couldn’t bring myself to spend my entire first visit indoors when there was so much to see outdoors!

We walked our butts off, and had the good sense to have arranged trolley passes ahead of time for the last 2 days to hop on and off, learn a lot of trivial information, (you know I love that) and cover a lot of ground while resting the feet! 🙂

My favorites were the US Capital and Arlington National Cemetery for the changing of the guard.

I got some good pictures, and have a couple in my etsy shop for sale.  I also took a few with my phone.

DC board

Capital Beams web

I would definitely recommend everyone see our Nation’s Capital, and I would love to go back someday!

It was a great trip to commemorate the end of my forties.  Only a couple of weeks later I turned 50!!
More on that coming up, and all of the new photos I’ve taken of Spring flowers, new babies, Graduates, and Salon co workers!

I love being busy, but I miss all of you!  Really looking into coming home this Summer.  I need to be refreshed by the Pacific ocean and my friends and family in CA.

Love to you all!


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