Happy November!

OK, I suck at blogging.
it’s been what, 6 months? sigh.  November?!? oh my God.

I haven’t even been THAT busy, I just think about writing something, and the task daunts me.
I think writing is hardest when you think about it… when I just do it, it’s not that hard.  Also, I’m lazy about it.

I’m going to briefly catch up by month.

April- I know, before my last post, but I wanted to put a collage together of my birthday pics.
I turned 50! WHAT?! Yeah, that’s a toughie. I feel better than ever, and I’ve never been hung up on, or ever really cared about how old I was, but a half century felt like a long time!



birthday coll

I did a couple of photo shoots, one for my client Teryl, who was graduating from USC (South Carolina), and another for my client Beth,who was about to have her first baby!


Teryl collage

Beth collage

THEN- I did the photos for the salon! Yikes!  That was a big job! 14 people and salon pics.  I did my best, and I think they came out pretty good.  Of course, it’s always a gamble that within a year, you have people in the photos that don’t work there anymore, and of course that happened.

May-Spent editing and Beth’s baby’s shoot. A little down time, and then to Beaufort to celebrate Chris’ mom’s retirement!

My Mom and Tom had moved to California, and I planned to go in the Summer, but airfare was astronomical this year, and I found out that my parents had decided to move back to Minnesota!  They would be moving right around the time I would be able to go, so I decided to put the money I would have spent on the trip in with Chris and we would buy a king sized bed!

June and July- HOT.  I did some indoor shoots, and found the perfect antique chair to paint and use for a series of still life and floral photos! I also made a couple of container gardens for the backyard that were so fun, and gave me some pretty flowers to shoot and cut!


Unfortunately, during this time Egie (Chris’ mom), was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Just weeks after retiring from nursing, she was beginning a whole new medical adventure as a patient.  Let me tell you, she has been such a trooper, and while her Doctors have chosen an aggressive treatment of radiation and chemo, it has NOT been easy, but these many months later, her tumor has shrunk at least 80%, and she is feeling pretty darned good! One more chemo treatment before Thanksgiving and we will be extra Thankful this year if the tumor is gone!

If that wasn’t enough, Just a month or so later, MY mom was diagnosed with cancer! Geeze! 😦
No one is 100% sure what kind of cancer she has, but most likely lung as well.  No tumor found, so they feel they caught it early and she would only need chemo. No radiation.  She started her treatment in California, and will finish it up in Minnesota.
We appreciate your thoughts and prayers of healing for them!

Earlier this year I signed up for Affordable Care Act insurance, and it’s been a Godsend.  I was finally able to see a family
physician for a physical, and be able to afford a colonoscopy.  After 6 years, I have no cancer, pre-cancer, or polyps! Woo Hoo!
Also, I can afford to pay for my medication now. Finally. 🙂

I was all set to enter a photo in the State Fair, but circumstances and a bad frame choice kept me from entering.  I’m ok with it.
I didn’t end up going to the fair at all this year.  Busy at the salon, hot and the feeling that I had taken just about as many fair pictures as I needed. (for now)

Just a couple of weeks ago, Chris and I bought our king size bed! and I promptly got a cold! haha. of course.  Let me tell you, BEST money we’ve ever spent! Love the space and the new support!  We bought a sleigh bed too, and we couldn’t be happier.

bed 2

The even better part is that now the queen sized bed is in the guest room and we have a place for guests to sleep! I’ll be working on getting it all cleaned up and organized…maybe even decorated, so save your pennies to come visit us in SC!!
We are excited that Julie may be coming to visit in early Spring!! YAY!

Just a week after that, I had to go to Greenville for a continuing education class, and the AC in my car quit. oh great.
I had it checked out, and my car needed about $3,000. worth of work. :/  Time to trade it in.
A week later, I got my “new to me” car! I got a 2011 Kia Soul. Cute little hamster mobile! I’m excited for better gas mileage and new adventures!  Here is a stock photo of it…it has a “sport package” and I am having the tiger stripes taken off tomorrow! lol



Is that enough?!?! hee hee.
Happy Halloween! Happy November!! We actually got SNOW! on November 1st! the earliest snow in 125 years! Crazy!!

snow 2014

I intend on being back sooner, but who the heck knows?! hahahaha


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