New and Exciting

arc trioHi everyone!
So excited to announce I am now a contributor to Arcangel Images! They are a  European company that is known for their contributions in the  international publishing industry. Below is a sample of just a few of their book covers from their talented photographers.  Above are just a couple of my accepted submissions. I am thrilled and honored. 🙂  How amazing would it be to have a book cover one day?!?!


arcangel covers

Even more amazing is that they featured me in their latest photographer showcase video! I’m really just thrilled. (Click link below)
It’s a great agency, with some amazing photographers, and I look forward to a whole new chapter for my photography. I love how being a contributor is making me think in a whole new way. It will expand my photo horizons.
Of course I will still take nature, and still life photos and sell them on etsy. This just makes the other stuff I like to shoot work for me in a new way.

I have some cool new images for sale if you want to take a look.


In other new and exciting news, I have officially made the switch and am now a Mac user! 🙂 I will be spending many hours to come learning and customizing this bad boy. It’s so funny how just changing your computer can make a huge difference in productivity and immense frustration! hahaha  So far, it’s nothing but amazing.


FullSizeRenderI hope you are all enjoying your Holiday weekend.

Chris and I have been working hard on the front landscape. I have some pictures, but I want to get everything together so I can show before and after pics here.  It’s coming along beautifully.  Of course some of the plants are small now, but we really think that it’s going to be so pretty when we’re done!

OK, I’ll be back sooner than later I hope!

Love and blessings, Kelly


One thought on “New and Exciting

  1. Kelly, my cute little niece! I’m so proud of you and so excited for your future in photography! You are so talented and your eye for your surroundings is very tasteful, unique and full of wonder! Good for you love and keep on keeping on!
    Love you!! Auntie

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