Landscaping 2015

Hi all!

I haven’t been taking many pictures lately because it’s been super hot and that zaps all my energy. (Which zaps my creativity)
Then when it’s not too hot, we have been working on the front landscaping. We’ve nearly finished getting in all the “backbone” plants! It’s been a lot of hard, dirty, sweaty work, but it’s totally worth it. We are really happy with how it’s all coming together.
Here is a collage of the progress. Smiling face with smiling eyesHerb🌳Seedling
          I know it’s hard to see all of the little pics, but there are too many to put in full size.
landscaping collage web
So I put all of this together on Monday, and Tuesday we came home to this…
Photo Jun 30, 5 57 07 PMPhoto Jun 30, 5 53 52 PM
Oh man! We were shocked! A thunderstorm took out our poor little maple!  It was either lightning or wind, we’ll never know. Jumping into damage control isn’t what anyone wants to do right when they get home from work, but thanks to really nice neighbors, we cut it, pulled the stump out, took it all away and back filled the hole in like 2 hours!
We had just decided to keep that tree too! It was quite healthy, and wasn’t going to be one of those really big maples. So now the Universe has decided for us…we will be shopping for a new front yard tree.  I’ll post more photos as the plants mature and fill in. I think it’s all going to look so nice.
We are going to Georgia next week to see Chris’ Dad.  I hope to get some good photos to share.
Happy 4th to everyone! Stay safe.

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