Happy New Year!

Guess what my New Year’s resolution is?  To get my online sh!t together! 🙂

I’ve changed the look of my blog, and may change it again this year. I have some ideas, and plans…

I hope you are all well and happy.

Chris and I have been through some changes, and I haven’t really had time for posting.

Back in October Chris’ Mom passed away. Complications from cancer. She fought a good fight for over a year, and we were all hopeful she would beat it, but it wasn’t to be.  I have to say tho, it is a testament to what a wonderful woman she was that she had family and friends with her constantly at the end. Loving her and taking care of her. Her children and loved ones were there with her for her last breath, and tho we are sad, and will miss her terribly, we are happy she is no longer suffering.  We had been going down to see her every other weekend. Chris more than I of course, and between that and working, we were tired, and I wasn’t online too much.

The Holidays were tinged with sadness, but we spent time at her house and were happy to have family around to share memories, laughter, and tears.

It’s hard going through these times. My Mom is still battling cancer, and so is Chris’ Dad. We just want everyone to be healthy and happy forever.

I did finally get to go to the Biltmore House in December. I have wanted to go since I moved here, and I went with my travel buddy Leslie.  I didn’t get many photos, because it’s Winter, and most everything has died off, plus they don’t allow photography inside. I’m glad tho, because it would have taken away from seeing everything, learning about the house, and people would be climbing over each other to get a shot that would turn out to be poorly lit, blurry pictures.  It is magnificent, and I highly recommend seeing it if you can. I have an annual pass now, so I can go back in Spring to shoot the gardens in their full glory!

biltmore web

I am just now shooting new images to add to my etsy shop, and going through my archives, as Winter keeps us inside mostly.

I will make more posts with those, and a fun story of me being published in a crafting magazine.

Be back soon. Love and blessings for the coming year!









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