On the Cover!

OK, so back in early December, I was contacted through etsy by an editor of a publication called “The Country Register”.  It is a paper magazine in AZ, CA, NE, OR, WA & The Carolinas for crafting, sewing, and specialty shops.

She wanted to use some of my sewing themed images for their Jan/Feb issue!  There is no compensation, but I thought the exposure would be nice, and I am saying yes to more these days. 🙂

She told me they give full artist credit (use my watermark on the images), and include a bio and link to my website! That sounded just fine. We went with the 2 images that weren’t under contract, and I think it came out really nice!


She sent me a few copies for my portfolio, and I was just tickled to see my photos on the cover of a publication! 🙂  It was a nice Christmas present.

I just wanted to share this cool event.




5 thoughts on “On the Cover!

  1. I’m so excited for your getting on the cover of “The Country Register! I like your sewing photos, too. Great job! Hugs, Mary

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