Another Cover!

This one is even better…I got my first book cover!

I’ve been with Arcangel Images for 10 months now, and I’ve had one image sell for a commercial brochure, and Monday I found out one of my images was used for a book cover!

I’m beyond thrilled! It’s just so cool. 🙂


This is the cover, and the trees are mine. They made them look x-ray like, or infrared.

Here is the original image. glowing forest web

How great is that?! I’m hoping 2016 continues in this direction!

Be back soon.



4 thoughts on “Another Cover!

  1. Good for you, Kelly! How exciting! I just returned from visiting my 97 yr old friend who is hospitalized in Marietta, GA. , and the hospital corridors are filled with pictures like you take. Close ups of flowers, pastoral scenes, calm, thoughtful simple photos. I thought of you! It looked like photos put on canvas and stretched around a frame. They would like your photos! Good luck!

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